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  Tian Tao, Zhou Hang*, Gu Jiao-Feng*, et al. Cadmium accumulation and bioavailability in paddy soil under different water regimes for different growth stages of rice (Oryza sativa L.). Plant and Soil, 2019, 440: 327–339.(一区,SCI IF=3.259 )

  Gu Jiao-feng, Zhou Hang*, Tang Hui-ling, et al. Cadmium and arsenic accumulation during the rice growth period under in situ remediation. Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety, 2019,171: 451–459. (二区,SCI IF=4.527 )

  Zhou Qi-wen, Liao Bo-han*, Lin Li-na, et al. Characteristic of adsorption cadmium of red soil amended with a ferromanganese oxide-biochar composite. Environmental Science and Pollution Research. 2019, 26, 5155–5163.(三区,SCI IF=2.914)

  Zhang Jing-yi, Zhou Hang* ,Gu Jiao-feng*, et al. Effects of Nano-Fe3O4-Modified Biochar on Iron Plaque Formation and Cd Accumulation in Rice (Oryza sativa L.). Environmental Pollution, 2020, 260:113970. (二区,SCI IF=5.714 )

  Yuan Teng-yue, Gu Jiao-feng*, Zhou Hang*, et al. Translocation and accumulation of cadmium and lead in the tissues of 39 rape cultivars grown in a polluted farmland. Environmental Science and Pollution Research. 2020,27:15888-15900. (三区,SCI IF=2.914 )

  Yang Wen-jun, Gu Jiao-feng*, Zhou Hang*, et al. Effect of three Napier grass varieties on phytoextraction of Cd- and Zn-contaminated cultivated soil under mowing and their safe utilization. Environmental Science and Pollution Research.2020,27:16134-16144. (三区,SCI IF=2.914)

  Zhang M, Chen Y, Du L, Wu Y, Liu Z, Han L. The potential of Paulownia fortunei seedlings for the phytoremediation of manganese slag amended with spent mushroom compost. Ecotoxicol Environ Saf. 2020;196:110538.(二区,EES IF=4.527)

  Han L, Chen Y, Chen M, Wu Y, Su R, Du L, et al. Mushroom residue modification enhances phytoremediation potential of Paulownia fortunei to lead-zinc slag. Chemosphere. 2020;253.(二区,SCI IF=5.108)

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